Today was the day that the new Wolverine trailer was supposed to arrive. But, that’s not going to happen. Fox announced today that the trailer would debut in March. Why is the Wolverine trailer being pushed back?

It’s hard to say for sure, but one can speculate that Fox does not want to compete with Marvel’s Iron Man 3 news. Marvel is sure to begin heavily marketing Iron Man 3 any day now, and competing with that amount of excitement would be rough.

In fact, it seems as though all the studios are waiting for Iron Man 3 to launch. There’s not much happening in the world of Superman or any other film for that matter. All of the impending summer film hype is flying under the radar at the moment.

Everyone, it seems, is waiting for Iron Man 3 to arrive. Once that movie has launched, you will begin seeing advertisements for Wolverine, Superman, and all the other movies that are coming up this summer.

So, fear not, Wolverine fans! This movie is still being made and will still come out as expected. We just won’t see any trailers for the movie until the end of March – and even then, marketing for the movie will be relatively quiet until Iron Man 3 hits theaters. When Wolverine does come to town, though, this movie is sure to knock your socks off if you are a Hugh Jackman fan.

In the meantime, grab some of our awesome Wolverine t-shirts, browse our new movie blog, post a few comments, and let us know whether or not you are looking forward to the new Wolverine. For some, this movie has been done too many times. For others, Wolverine never gets old. What’s your take? Jack wants to know!