Two Thumbs Up For "Man of Steel" Screening 0

Word on the street is that "Man of Steel" has been officially reviewed by Warner Brothers execs. What's the verdict? Two big thumbs up – execs couldn"t get enough of the new film. In addition to the rave reviews that the new flick is getting from execs, there are some new bits of information about the film that we didn"t know about before.

One piece of news that will interest moviegoers is the way that Superman's cape is made. Instead of a regular old cape, Superman's cape is made mostly with CGI this time around. There's also a good reason why you aren"t seeing a lot of action in the "Man of Steel" trailers.

Action scenes have been intentionally left out of the trailers, so that audiences are completely surprised when the film does finally debut. We think that this is a smart move on the part of Warner Brothers. How many times have you seen a preview that includes all the best parts of the film? "Man of Steel" will be different, and that's a good thing.

So, even though the trailers make this film look all serious and dramatic, that's not necessarily going to be the case. Not surprisingly, the film will also include a ton of action scenes that execs found mind-blowing. The last bit of leaked information is an important detail – "Man of Steel" has been completed.

The studio is putting on the finishing 3D touches, and then the film will be ready to roll. Those who have seen the film say that it will beat out all the other superhero films debuting this summer. What do you think? Will "Man of Steel" be the one to beat? Superman certainly has some tough competition this time around!

It’s Official: Superman and Wonder Woman Are Dating! 266

When rumors started circulating that Henry Cavill and Gina Carano might be dating, we were hesitantly ecstatic. Now that the two are officially a couple, we are beyond thrilled! It’s official – Wonder Woman and Superman are dating! Carano and Cavill showed up at the recent Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, posed for photos together, and were seen arm-in-arm all night long. The pair also showed up at the Tom Ford Cocktail Party together.

Ok, it’s not official that Carano will be playing the part of Wonder Woman, but there are many signs that point in that direction (and we can dream, can’t we?)! When asked in various interviews if Carano would consider the part of Wonder Woman, she often says that the subject has come up before, and that she would accept the part. Right now, the whole Wonder Woman speculation is just a rumor, but now that Cavill and Carano are officially dating, that rumor has to turn into a reality!

How do you feel about Carano playing the part of Wonder Woman? There’s no doubt that she is physically fit enough to take on the role of Wonder Woman, but some are doubtful that her acting skills can carry such an iconic part. We think that Carano would be the perfect Wonder Woman. What are your thoughts? Regardless, the fact that Cavill and Carano are dating is the perfect precursor to this summer’s amazing lineup of superhero films.

A New Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Coming! 0

As short as it was, the Super Bowl "Iron Man 3" trailer had a major impact on viewers. To add to that, the YouTube clip of the extended Iron Man 3 trailer has been viewed 52.8 million times! Needless to say, Marvel and Disney are doing a great job at marketing this film. What"s next? How about another trailer?

The Alberta Film Ratings group has confirmed that a second "Iron Man 3" trailer is in the works. The runtime for the new trailer will be 2:25. Who will be in the new trailer is not yet known, but we can"t wait to see what Marvel and Disney have cooked up this time around! The trailer is expected to be released in March – which is just three days away!

In addition to an upcoming trailer, a new "Iron Man 3" poster has just been released. The new poster stars a badass looking Ben Kingsley as "The Mandarin."

It's speculated that Marvel and Disney will be putting a ton of effort into new marketing for the film throughout the next few months. So much effort, in fact, that other film companies seem to be shying away from creating any marketing materials for fear that "Iron Man 3" will overshadow the rest.

After all, it's kind of hard to compete with the marketing budget that Marvel and Disney have (though Jack has a scoop that a Lone Ranger trailer will be coming out this month as well – brave souls!). The official screening of the new Iron Man movie is set for May 3, and we can"t wait!

Gina Carano: The New Wonder Woman? 0

If you’re a MMA fan, you’ve seen the damage that Gina Carano can inflict. Carano has long been known as “the face of the MMA.” Standing nearly six feet tall and made of muscle, Carano is a fighting force to be reckoned with. She also happens to be the topic of much superhero debate lately.

It is rumored that Carano will be playing the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film. It’s also speculated that Carano may make a cameo appearance alongside Cavill at the end of ‘Man of Steel’.

Not only would Carano make an excellent Wonder Woman – she has the muscle and strong Mediterranean features to pull it off – she has also been seen hanging around Cavill regularly. The two showed up together at the recent Critics Choice Awards posing for cameras as a couple. Could it be true? Could Superman be dating Wonder Woman? Is that dream about to become a reality? It has been confirmed that they are dating, and she was also spotted on the set of “Man Of Steel”.

Cavill and Carano may just be the next big item in Hollywood. But, just in case you haven’t been obsessively waiting for ‘Man of Steel’ news or don’t know much about Carano or Cavill, here’s a quick synopsis.

Henry Cavill spent three years playing the role of Charles Brandon on Showtime’s ‘The Tudors.’ Prior to that, Cavill had many roles in various movies including ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ (he played in “Immortals” as Theseus the greek hero, and recently alongside Bruce Willis in “The Cold Light Of Day”. Aside from cracking skulls as the MMA’s leading lady, she was the star of the well received action flic “Haywire” directed by Steven Soderbergh and co-starring Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender and Antonio Banderas. Carano will also appear in ‘Fast and Furious 6’, ‘Ring Girls’, and a number of other films.

Together, Cavill and Carano make a “super” team. We can’t wait to see if this matchup rumor is true. Can you?

New Iron Man 3 Website? 0

There’s a new website in town. This site was just put up by Marvel and Disney, but it’s not the official Iron Man 3 website. The new site is called What’s this site all about? Why did Marvel and Disney create a new site? Does the site give us an insight into the upcoming film? We do a little snooping around to find out!

After heading to the new Iron Man 3 site, one thing is clear: this site was meant to be a big deal. Right now, the only thing that can be seen is a graphic that reads “Stark Industries. Test Subjects Required. Registration Opens Soon.” Interesting, interesting, interesting – but what’s it all about? Test subjects for what? The screening of the new film?

Iron Man 3 flies into theaters this coming May, which is really just a few months away.  So it’s no surprise that Marvel wants to kick up the marketing a notch. But why create a second site when an official Iron Man 3 site already exists? Marvel is definitely cooking up something big with this site launch. The site doesn’t say when that registration period will officially open, but we’re betting it’s a date in the not so distant future.

The site could include a lot of different Iron Man 3 games, movie facts, trivia, or it might be some kind of contest site. Marvel hasn’t released any information about the site yet, but we have our ear glued to the Internet. When more details about this site surface, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, let us know what you think. What’s the new Iron Man 3 site all about?

Wolverine Trailer Launch Pushed Back 0

Today was the day that the new Wolverine trailer was supposed to arrive. But, that’s not going to happen. Fox announced today that the trailer would debut in March. Why is the Wolverine trailer being pushed back?

It’s hard to say for sure, but one can speculate that Fox does not want to compete with Marvel’s Iron Man 3 news. Marvel is sure to begin heavily marketing Iron Man 3 any day now, and competing with that amount of excitement would be rough.

In fact, it seems as though all the studios are waiting for Iron Man 3 to launch. There’s not much happening in the world of Superman or any other film for that matter. All of the impending summer film hype is flying under the radar at the moment.

Everyone, it seems, is waiting for Iron Man 3 to arrive. Once that movie has launched, you will begin seeing advertisements for Wolverine, Superman, and all the other movies that are coming up this summer.

So, fear not, Wolverine fans! This movie is still being made and will still come out as expected. We just won’t see any trailers for the movie until the end of March – and even then, marketing for the movie will be relatively quiet until Iron Man 3 hits theaters. When Wolverine does come to town, though, this movie is sure to knock your socks off if you are a Hugh Jackman fan.

In the meantime, grab some of our awesome Wolverine t-shirts, browse our new movie blog, post a few comments, and let us know whether or not you are looking forward to the new Wolverine. For some, this movie has been done too many times. For others, Wolverine never gets old. What’s your take? Jack wants to know!


Ben Affleck As Batman and Other Justice League News 0

Word on the street this morning is that Warner Brothers didn’t just want Ben Affleck to direct ‘Justice League,’ they also wanted him to play Batman. Affleck declined both offers. The shaping up of ‘Justice League’ isn’t looking so good. Warner Brothers doesn’t have a script (after tossing Will Beall’s version), has no real cast, and definitely doesn’t have Affleck. But, the reliable source that is El Mayimbe over at Latino Review says otherwise.

El Mayimbe had this to say about ‘Justice League’ in a recent Tweet: “JUSTICE LEAGUE: TO BE CONTINUED. TRUST ME ON THIS FANBOY NATION.” He ended his Tweet with a ‘RT,’ which can only mean that his word is good. So, even though nearly every other blog is reporting that Justice League is dead in the water, El Mayimbe is reporting otherwise. How reliable is this source? Tweets: “@elmayimbe I remember Latino Review as the site that revealed Heath Ledger was going to be Joker. Definitely a trusted source for Bat-info!” That’s right, El Mayimbe broke the Heath Ledge news way back when. There’s little doubt in our minds that any news coming from Latino Review is reliable. The question now is: did Affleck really decline the role of Batman? Further, did he actually dismiss having anything to do with the film at all?

Reading through Tweets this morning proves to be useful in uncovering details! Latino Review sent out this recent Tweet: “J.J Abrams said he wasn’t directing Star Wars and look what happened!” This Tweet was then Re-Tweeted by El Mayimbe – could this be a hint? Perhaps Affleck did originally turn down the Warner Brothers offer, but he may just be rethinking that contract. Further Twitter clues can lead one to believe that Affleck isn’t done with Justice League quite yet.

El Mayimbe also had this to say via Twitter: “…it was pretty much over for that Justice League version.” Let’s read between the lines here. El Mayimbe states that it was “…over for that Justice League version” meaning the first script that was recently thrown out.

The word “version” is what should be zeroed in on. This statement may imply that another version is in the mix. A version that could very well include Ben Affleck in one or two major ways. I have a hunch that El Mayimbe will be revealing more Justice League news in the next few days. Can you see Ben Affleck as Batman? How about directing Justice League? Stay tuned for more sleuthing from JOAT!

What Stan Lee Has Been Up To? 0

Even if you’re not a comic book fan, chances are you’ve heard of Stan Lee. Lee is the creative force behind the X-Men characters and behind Spider Man. He has always been an integral part of the comic book world, and now he’s a major part of the digital world too. Not to be left behind in the digital age, Lee hasn’t missed a beat at the ripe age of 90! He’s been a major player on various social networks, and now he’s created something that’s just for kids.

Stan Lee’s new Kid’s Universe site was crafted when Lee realized that kid content was lacking. Being the mastermind that he is, this realization prompted Lee to create a kid-friendly website that sold quality books, games, and other content. The first book to pop up is called ‘Monsters VS. Kittens’ and features adorable illustrations by artist Dani Jones. Fully supported and backed by Lee, Jones’ illustrations were selected for their quality and the book’s educational value.

In fact, educational value is what Lee is all about. All of the content that Lee will include on the Kid’s Universe site comes with a lesson or moral. Further, everything that he approves will also have real value. What’s more, books and other content sold on Lee’s site are affordable (and books also come in digital form). You can even purchase a video of Lee reading ‘Monsters VS. Kittens’ for your kids to enjoy.

Kittens are adorable and monsters (if drawn right) are great too. While not exactly a kitten or a monster, it’s hard not to love this artist rendition of Spider Man – Lee’s first smash hit character. If you have a chance, make sure to check out Kid’s Universe, support Stan Lee’s latest creation, and show your kids that children’s content doesn’t have to be completely void of educational value.