There’s a new website in town. This site was just put up by Marvel and Disney, but it’s not the official Iron Man 3 website. The new site is called What’s this site all about? Why did Marvel and Disney create a new site? Does the site give us an insight into the upcoming film? We do a little snooping around to find out!

After heading to the new Iron Man 3 site, one thing is clear: this site was meant to be a big deal. Right now, the only thing that can be seen is a graphic that reads “Stark Industries. Test Subjects Required. Registration Opens Soon.” Interesting, interesting, interesting – but what’s it all about? Test subjects for what? The screening of the new film?

Iron Man 3 flies into theaters this coming May, which is really just a few months away.  So it’s no surprise that Marvel wants to kick up the marketing a notch. But why create a second site when an official Iron Man 3 site already exists? Marvel is definitely cooking up something big with this site launch. The site doesn’t say when that registration period will officially open, but we’re betting it’s a date in the not so distant future.

The site could include a lot of different Iron Man 3 games, movie facts, trivia, or it might be some kind of contest site. Marvel hasn’t released any information about the site yet, but we have our ear glued to the Internet. When more details about this site surface, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, let us know what you think. What’s the new Iron Man 3 site all about?