At the Los Angeles premier of 'Game of Thrones' (Season 3), an odd conversation between a MTV reporter and Peter Dinklage took place. When asked if he would play the role of "Bolivar Trask" in the upcoming X-Men, Dinklage said, "I have no comment, and where did you hear that?" 

Dinklage went on to say that he wasn't sure what part he'd be playing, and made a joke about needing to read the script. But, it has been confirmed that Dinklage will be in the upcoming X-Men film...and contracts aren't secured without specific details, so it's unlikely that Dinklage has no idea what part he'll be playing.

To be fair, Dinklage wasn't exactly lying when he answered the MTV reporter's question. He just didn't reveal anything about the script or his character. He also didn't flat out say, "I'm not playing that part," which might have been his response if asked about playing the part of "Puck." 

Bryan Singer has told press that Dinklage will not be playing the part of "a shy character," and that Dinklage will not be a CGI character. Singer also told IGN that Dinklage will not play the part of Puck. So, the puck rumour can be put to rest. 

Whether or not Dinklage will take on the part of Bolivar Trask is unknown, but there's another possibility too. Singer may have taken great liberties with the new X-Men script, and Dinklage may have a completely new role. 

Singer has mentioned a few times that he's a huge fan of Dinklage's, and that the actor will be play a part worthy of his skills. The name of the character that Dinklage will be embodying is expected to be announced prior to the film’s release…until then, we’ll have to keep guessing.