This was going to be a unique twist on Superman from the start. But, we didn't realize how unique until just now. Kal-El isn't just from another planet in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' film. He's a whole different kind of being. A being that should have been bred instead of born. 

David S. Goyer told Entertainment Weekly that the children of Kal-El's planet (Krypton) aren't the regular sort. These children were "...bred to be warriors or scientists or what-have-you, and there's a whole element in the movie about nature versus nurture," Goyer says. 

It's obvious, now, why Kal-El is different. He is free to select where he wants to go with his life. His choices are his, and not the decisions of some whacked-out scientists from his home planet. In summation, Kal-El is an alien on his own planet, not just on Earth. 

Director, Zack Snyder, also told ET that the film will not include Kryptonite. 

Superman won't be immune to everything in 'Man Of Steel,' but kryptonite won't be the thing to challenge his powers. Instead, this film will be packed with "emotional kryptonite," Snyder stated. Can we expect to see a lot less action and a lot more crying scenes? 

Not likely; but this will definitely be a side of Superman that you've never seen before -- a side that struggles with the question of nature vs. nurture. Is this a side of Superman we want to see? 

It certainly adds a whole different dimension to the story, and to Kal-El's life. Expect to see a lot of the film focused on Krypton, Superman's early beginnings, and the emotions that make the (super) man.