Warner Brothers is finally psyching crowds up for 'Man of Steel.' So far, we've heard that this film will focus mostly on Kal-El's psyche, his life struggles, and his past -- a lot of mushy stuff that left some fans wondering whether or not this film would be a letdown.

Now, the film has taken a different turn. One that is both surprising and welcomed. The latest 'Man of Steel' clip to be released by Warner Brothers will definitely rile up the Superman crowd.

This video doesn't show clips from the movie or psychoanalysis of Superman's life. Instead, it is a static-filled message from General Zod. The message is directed to Kal-El and to the citizens of Earth. It goes something like this:

"for some time your world has sheltered one of my citizens...return this individual to my custody. To Kal-El, I say this: surrender within 24-hours or watch this world suffer."

Note the lack of punctuation following that last bit? That's because Zod states this threat in a completely monotonous and serious tone, making the clip all the more exciting. This video is brilliantly done, completely unique, and -- most importantly -- fun.

The video also features some letters through the black and white static that would be hard to decipher were it not for some clever hackers over at 'Comic Book News.' The alien letters state "I Will Find Him," and also form the word "SHIELD" as noted by a Comic Book Movie commenter.

If you haven't seen this video clip yet (released via YouTube), make sure to take a look. This is definitely not the touchy-feely type of clip that we've seen surrounding 'Man of Steel' so far. There's also news this morning that a new trailer will be released within 48-hours. Our spines are tingling!