Guess what arrived on the Internet doorstep yesterday morning? The new Thor trailer! The trailer features Chris Hemsworth stomping around, Natalie Portman as the damsel in distress, and Loki looking like his usual self. 

The trailer doesn't provide too much insight into the upcoming film. We can tell that Thor will have to protect Earth, will meet up with some old enemies, will, likely find new enemies, and also has to battle the Dark Elves while wielding his hammer. 

The Dark Elves are rising in this version of 'Thor: The Dark World,' and they are threatening to destroy all of the nine realms, including Earth. We're sensing a love triangle here between Thor, Portman's character (Jane Foster), and Thor's battle buddy, Sif (played by Jaimie Alexander) – something for everyone, it seems.

The trailer also shows Thor seeking help from Loki (looking entirely the part of a villain, or metal rocker, and hotter than ever, your pick), which will be interesting. The movie looks like a lot of fun, and we are certainly expecting more trailers leading up to the film's release this coming fall.