As short as it was, the Super Bowl "Iron Man 3" trailer had a major impact on viewers. To add to that, the YouTube clip of the extended Iron Man 3 trailer has been viewed 52.8 million times! Needless to say, Marvel and Disney are doing a great job at marketing this film. What"s next? How about another trailer?

The Alberta Film Ratings group has confirmed that a second "Iron Man 3" trailer is in the works. The runtime for the new trailer will be 2:25. Who will be in the new trailer is not yet known, but we can"t wait to see what Marvel and Disney have cooked up this time around! The trailer is expected to be released in March – which is just three days away!

In addition to an upcoming trailer, a new "Iron Man 3" poster has just been released. The new poster stars a badass looking Ben Kingsley as "The Mandarin."

It's speculated that Marvel and Disney will be putting a ton of effort into new marketing for the film throughout the next few months. So much effort, in fact, that other film companies seem to be shying away from creating any marketing materials for fear that "Iron Man 3" will overshadow the rest.

After all, it's kind of hard to compete with the marketing budget that Marvel and Disney have (though Jack has a scoop that a Lone Ranger trailer will be coming out this month as well – brave souls!). The official screening of the new Iron Man movie is set for May 3, and we can"t wait!