Word on the street is that "Man of Steel" has been officially reviewed by Warner Brothers execs. What's the verdict? Two big thumbs up – execs couldn"t get enough of the new film. In addition to the rave reviews that the new flick is getting from execs, there are some new bits of information about the film that we didn"t know about before.

One piece of news that will interest moviegoers is the way that Superman's cape is made. Instead of a regular old cape, Superman's cape is made mostly with CGI this time around. There's also a good reason why you aren"t seeing a lot of action in the "Man of Steel" trailers.

Action scenes have been intentionally left out of the trailers, so that audiences are completely surprised when the film does finally debut. We think that this is a smart move on the part of Warner Brothers. How many times have you seen a preview that includes all the best parts of the film? "Man of Steel" will be different, and that's a good thing.

So, even though the trailers make this film look all serious and dramatic, that's not necessarily going to be the case. Not surprisingly, the film will also include a ton of action scenes that execs found mind-blowing. The last bit of leaked information is an important detail – "Man of Steel" has been completed.

The studio is putting on the finishing 3D touches, and then the film will be ready to roll. Those who have seen the film say that it will beat out all the other superhero films debuting this summer. What do you think? Will "Man of Steel" be the one to beat? Superman certainly has some tough competition this time around!