When rumors started circulating that Henry Cavill and Gina Carano might be dating, we were hesitantly ecstatic. Now that the two are officially a couple, we are beyond thrilled! It’s official – Wonder Woman and Superman are dating! Carano and Cavill showed up at the recent Vanity Fair Oscar Party together, posed for photos together, and were seen arm-in-arm all night long. The pair also showed up at the Tom Ford Cocktail Party together.

Ok, it’s not official that Carano will be playing the part of Wonder Woman, but there are many signs that point in that direction (and we can dream, can’t we?)! When asked in various interviews if Carano would consider the part of Wonder Woman, she often says that the subject has come up before, and that she would accept the part. Right now, the whole Wonder Woman speculation is just a rumor, but now that Cavill and Carano are officially dating, that rumor has to turn into a reality!

How do you feel about Carano playing the part of Wonder Woman? There’s no doubt that she is physically fit enough to take on the role of Wonder Woman, but some are doubtful that her acting skills can carry such an iconic part. We think that Carano would be the perfect Wonder Woman. What are your thoughts? Regardless, the fact that Cavill and Carano are dating is the perfect precursor to this summer’s amazing lineup of superhero films.